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What is the International Computer Driving License (ICDL)?

ICDL is an internationally recognized qualification that enables people to certify their competence in essential computer skills & knowledge.

Technology is constantly evolving, keeping your computer skills up to date should be thought of as a lifelong journey of learning.

The ICDL profile is flexible - you can get verification in the skills your job requires. Choose the relevant modules, take the tests and these will represent your ICDL profile.

Your ICDL profile is for life, and your skills can be updated at any time, will never expire, and is proof of your skills and achievements.

The ICDL Foundation does not provide courses. If any courses are required, these can be acquired through training providers. Candidates should ensure that the courses they receive meet the requirements of the official ECDL/ICDL Syllabus. Course providers wishing to use the ICDL syllabus, name or symbols MUST be accredited to the ICDL Foundation.

How do candidates get the Skills Log Book?

Skills Log Books can be purchased from accredited ICDL Centres or directly from the ICDL Foundation.

What tests will candidates  have to take?

Candidates will have to undertake a test for each module described in the ICDL syllabus. Each test must be conducted at an accredited test supervisor or examiner, who will endorse the Skills Log Book when each module is passed.

How are candidates tested?

Some ICDL centres use ICDL Examiners who supervise the tests and evaluate the work later. Most centres use automated systems which automatically assess the candidate’s performance on completion of each test and provide immediate feedback to both the centres and the candidate. Candidates must complete one test for each module. The pass mark is 75%..

What happens when tests are passed?

When a candidate has passed all the tests as recorded in the Skills Log Book, he/she can exchange the Skills Log Book for the ECDL or ICDL certificate, which is issued by the ICDL Foundation, as a proof of having reached the necessary standard of IT skills knowledge and competence.