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We are an innovative company growing with dynamic ideas as we strive  to become the best in expert computer training in Pretoria.

Not only are we  ICDL (International Computer Driver's License) and Pastel accredited, we are also an approved test center for ICDL and Sage Pastel online assessments.

DPA has been operating in Hatfield Pretoria since 1998, and is still striving to increase computer literacy in our country. .

The school has sourced a suite of training packages specifically tailored for the entry level user of the Microsoft Office software.The DPA Training School offers the student a comprehensive training package to accommodate all his needs.

We aim to provide the highest standards from our instructor led training.

Our first goal is to assist our students in deciding which programs to study to improve their computer knowledge.

We pride ourselves on our professional manner and take  pride in the fact that we have succeeded to keep the courses affordable and small, so that individual attention can be given to our students at all times.This allows out students to succeed and reach their own goals, or hopefully exceed them.