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DPA Training is Accredited with ICDL International and is a ACCREDITED ASSESSMENT CENTRE for ICDL. Advance Courses available on request.

Online Essentials Software Training Pretoria 

Virtual Training -  R 500.00     Classroom Training -  R 850.00

The aim of the course is to remove the mystery surrounding the Internet and to give the user the required level of confidence to make the best use of the Internet with browsing, searching, downloads, copying and email facilities in a one day course.

Computer Essentials Software Training Pretoria

Virtual Training -  R 800.00      Classroom Training -  R 1 220.00

This two day course introduces the student to the general concept of the Computer and provides some basic knowledge of the computer and the uses thereof.

MS Word Computer Training Pretoria

Virtual Training -  R 1 000.00    Classroom Training -  R 1 452.00

The course will give you the confidence to work on the Word program doing your work with pride. With functions like typing and editing documents, printing, formatting, working with tables, headers and footers, saving, copying, pasting and more fuctions to help you with your daily tasks in the office in a 2 day course.

MS Excel Computer Training Pretoria

Virtual Training  -  R 1 000.00     Classroom Training  -  R 1 452.00

The course aims to improve the efficiency with which the user can process and manipulate data in spreadsheets.  Functions like Saving, editing, formulas and functions, formatting, printing, graphics, charts and more functions to help you to use Excel to the fullest in a 2 day course

MS PowerPoint Computer Courses Pretoria

Virtual Training  -  R 900.00    Classroom Training  -  R 1 300.00

To introduce the user to the concept of an electronic presentation. To design and create a professional presentation using Power Point to its fullest with animations, advanced text formatting, slide designs auto shapes, objects and more functions to help you in a 2 day course

MS Access Computer Courses Pretoria

Virtual Training  -  R 900.00     Classroom Training  -  R 1 300.00

Learn how to add, create, edit, working with tables, modifying, filtering and querying, reports, mailing labels and more functions regarding the database in a 2 day course.

Basic Accounting Computer Software Training Pretoria

Virtual Training  -  R 2 000.00     Classroom Training  -  R 3 800.00

In this 3day course you will get the knowledge of the fundamental principles of accounting with processing journals, transactions, sales, cash book, inventory, VAT and Financial statements

Digital Citizen Plus

Virtual Training  -  R 1 100.00     Classroom Training  -  R 1 860.00

This program is design for Beginners and is open to everyone.   It is the introduction to some basic topics covered in Computer Essentials, Online Essentials, Word Processing and Spreadsheets for everyday computer use.

Palladium Accounting Course

Palladium is a Accounting program that caters for big to small companies.  Students will be introduced to the accounting program and functions there off. 

To attend the course you have to have a working knowledge of accounting.

Contact us for the available dates.

eZee FrontDesk & Burrp POS Pretoria Computer Courses

Virtual Training  -  R 2 500.00     Classroom Training  -  R 4 200.00

eZee Front Desk and Burrp POS is a software program in Property Management Systems. During the course you will learn from front desk to back office the functions throughout the daily work in a Hotel from where the guest comes the payment, the guest ledger, the operations through housekeeping, maintenance and keeping your guest happy to the back office were the salaries, leave and payment will take place. Burrp is the Point of Sales program that will take you thru the setup, planning, inventory, seating, menus and the delivering and serving to the payment of the bills. It is a important part of the Hospitality industry.

- Classes on Request

DPA - Training offers you a practical approach to learning the basic instructions and procedures required to operate the applications software within a small period of time. The School has sourced a suite of training packages specifically tailored for the user of the  Microsoft Office, Pastel and eZee software. The school is a registered Training and Assessment Center with  ICDL, Pastel and eZee and is a training provider in terms of the Skills Development Act that is accredited with MICT SETA through Supreme First Aid Training.

DPA Training offers the following facilities to its students:

* Small classes (maximum of 6 pupils)

* Expertly trained tutors

* User orientated training material

* Individual guidance